Pro DNA Contracting Have  been performing exterior and interior stucco-plastering, drywall, restoration and renovation since 1998. We are well knowledgeable with the EIFS technology, providing architects and owners with clear choice from a series of high performance system to meet the specific demands on any given project.

Relax. We’re here! Whether your building New or having  Restorations done, we know the importance of your investment. We know that speed, quality, and cost make all the difference.The Eifs system is consist of: Optional air and water-resistive barriers with or without drainage capacity. Insulation board attached either adhesively or mechanically, or both, to the substrate.

Our preferred method is to attached insulated board adhesively since it gives more bond per square inch, also mechanically the screws punchers the air and water resistive barrier which over time moisture will get in and destroy your board/dense glass sub straight. Then a polymer-based basecoat reinforced with an embedded fiberglass mesh after your decorative finish. Various forms of acrylic finish are available to achieve the aesthetic desired. We’re fully insured, $2m Liability & WSIB. Delivering quality within customers budget, constantly evolving in our company, material changes and by-laws. We also restore and install Dense Glass of balcony soffits and exteriors walls. Concrete Reno’s and many more to the forefront.  Qualified to work with all top stucco manufactures such as Dryvit, Durabond, Durock ,Sto and Senergy.