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Whether your building New or having  Restorations done, we know the importance of your investment. We know that speed, quality, and cost make all the difference…

About Us

Pro DNA Contracting have been providing exterior and interior construction services such as: stucco-plastering, drywall, Painting, restoration and renovation since 1988. We are well knowledgeable with the EIFS technology…

R Value

In a study released by the prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in June of 2002,EIFS walls were rated more thermally efficient than any competing wall system after being subjected to rigorous independent testing…

What We Do

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Balcony Coating System

 Balcony coating system are used for waterproofing of communal walkways and balconies prolonging the life of the existing substrate and reducing the risk of expensive damages…

Stucco System

Synthetic Stucco or EIFS (Exterior Insulating Finishing System) was introduced to the US in 1969. It has exceptional insulating qualities, durability, and curb appeal. Stucco can be installed over Blocks/Bricks, Denseglass, Plywood and most masonry sub-straight…


We are skilled craftsmen specializing in maintenance and restoration of color-integral stucco using cement-based products, Repairs of cracks, voids or dings, finished to the existing stucco texture. We use cement-based materials that are non-toxic…

Elastomeric Coatings/Paint

Elastomeric masonry,stucco and brick coatings are also acrylic paints but they are about 10 times thicker than standard acrylic paints which gives it a 300% elongation. This means it is very flexible and stretches…

Exterior/Interior Boarding

The sheathings provide protection against moisture and mold. It works well when fitted behind bricks, sidings, exterior insulation and finishing systems, stucco or other permanent fittings…


A waterproof filler and sealant used in building work and repairs, the application is a flexible sealing compound that closes up gaps in buildings and other structures against air,dust, insects, or as a component in fire stopping.In the tunneling industry, caulking is refers to as the sealing …

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Green Construction Living

Time to go green! The system is based upon the concept of putting insulation on the outside of the wall. The energy efficiency of Outsulation® RMD is provided by the expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation board used, which increases in thermal…

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